Martin Pollack

Torch Coffee China


Martin has been working in coffee in China since 2008. Currently he is the managing partner of Torch Coffee in China. Torch China is a wholesale roastery, cafe and training lab located at origin in Yunnan, China.
Martin and his team work with producers in China to improve quality through processing, innovation and education. As a Q-Grader instructor, he has traveled throughout Asia and the Middle East running Q, SCI and SCA training courses.

Martin's Sessions

How Can Global Consumer Markets Bounce Back after COVID-19 (Panel)


“Through every dark night, there’s a bright day” – Tupac Shakur The major specialty coffee consumer markets have faced unique challenges during COVID-19, as we are being forced to change our business models on the fly to survive. The silver lining: the coffee industry is now innovating faster than ever before. Everything from sales to […]