How Can Global Consumer Markets Bounce Back after COVID-19 (Panel)


“Through every dark night, there’s a bright day” – Tupac Shakur

The major specialty coffee consumer markets have faced unique challenges during COVID-19, as we are being forced to change our business models on the fly to survive.

The silver lining: the coffee industry is now innovating faster than ever before. Everything from sales to marketing to operations to logistics. We either adapt or die.

Panel Discussion

We will address the global challenges faced on the front-lines of coffee consumer markets: Europe, Asia, North America, Australia, Middle East.

Then we will discuss potential solutions and discuss innovations to help move forward.

  1. What challenges or problems were brought on by COVID-19?
  2. How are these challenges being met and with what success rate?
  3. What would you like coffee farmers and producers to know about you and your coffee community right now?
  4. If there was a magic solution (other than a COVID vaccine), what would that solution be?

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