Ezequiel Batista

Barú Black Mountain Panama


Soy la tercera generacion de una de las familias que produce café en Panama, también administro ya hacen mas de 6 años la finca Barú Black Mountain aqui producimos, procesamos y exportamos nuestro cafe.

Ezequiel Batista is a third generation coffee farmer in the Highlands of Santa Clara, Chiriquí. The community is mostly built up of small farmholders, family and friends with farms between 2-5 hectares each.

For the past 6 years he has been the manager of the Baru Black Mountain Farm which produces, processes and exports fine coffees. In this position he is able to provide invaluable help to farmers to export coffee.

Ezequiel's Sessions

Understanding the Small Farmer’s Needs (Panel)


“There are no problems, only solutions.”  – John Lennon. Introduction Coffee producing communities have always faced challenges. Unfortunately, new challenges have arisen due to COVID-19. Producers must find solutions quickly or risk going out of business this year. Panel Questions We will learn about the COVID-19 challenges and problems faced by small farmers face in […]