Karthikeyan Rajendran

World Coffee Champion 2017, 3x UAE Coffee Champion, THREE Coffee Roasters


Karthik is the Co-Founder and Head of Coffee at THREE Specialty Coffee Roasters in Dubai. He works with farmers around the world, understands their problems and helps them run more sustainable businesses. He ensures he buys only sustainably sourced, high quality coffee beans.

Born in India, he spent most of his life working in hotels and hospitality. His love for coffee exploded when he had a chance to sample a Kenyan coffee and it was unlike anything he had ever tried before. It was fruity, juicy and had a flavour profile that got him excited. So much so, that he threw all his energy into tasting, buying and roasting the world’s best coffees to learn more about each bean.

He has an impressive list of credentials, including UAE Coffee Champion in 2014, 2015, 2016 and World Coffee Champion in 2017.


  • World Champion – Cezve/Ibrik 2017 – World of Coffee, Budapest
  • UAE Champion – Cezve/Ibrik 2014, 15, 16
  • CQI Q Arabica-Grader + Q Robusta-Grader
  • SCA Certified AST – Barista Skills + Roasting
  • SCI Certified Trainer – Roasting, Café Management, Barista Skills

Karthik's Sessions

Getting Back in Business While Supporting Small Farmers


Karthik will dive into the roasters point of view and share innovative approaches utilized by roasters to adapt and maintain coffee volume purchases during these turbulent times. He will discuss strategies and best practices that are being utilized to maintain coffee volume purchases for experimental lots as well as fast moving coffees.

Consumer Producer